Quiz: What's Your WW2 Job?
What's Your WW2 Job?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Collage; Spy, Land Girl, Soldier

About This Quiz

If you were alive and old enough to join the workforce during the Second World War, what would your job have been?  The Second World War was the kind of military engagement that our planet had never seen before and hopefully never will again. Just about everyone had to pitch in, at least in one way or another. While the most obvious job that someone had was serving as a soldier, there were many other jobs that still needed to be taken care of.

For one thing, a lot of people had to be held back from joining the service, just to keep our country operating smoothly during wartime. Some of those professions were doctors, farmers, scientists, railroad and dock workers. Would you have had one of those jobs? Another thing you might have wound up doing was working in a munitions plant. Someone had to do it,  guns, bullets, hand grenades and bombs didn't grow on trees you know! And then if you happen to be female you literally could have wound up doing just about anything when it came to employment, as females took on many jobs that were normally held by men. 

What would your job be in WW 2? Take this quiz and find out. But don't tell anyone how you did. Loose lips sink ships after all. 

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