Quiz: Wheel Of Fortune: Can You Solve These Phrases?
Wheel Of Fortune: Can You Solve These Phrases?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Sony Pictures Television

About This Quiz

I'D LIKE TO BUY A VOWEL! Can you come out on top of this challenge? An elevated version of hangman, could you spin the Wheel of Fortune and solve these phrases?

Wheel of Fortune is a popular game show that began in 1995. Originally premiering on NBC, it was hosted by Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford. The show bounced around between NBC and CBS during a daytime slot before it was formatted for a nighttime version. Pat Sajak signed on as the host of the daytime series in 1981 and began hosting the nighttime version in 1983 with Vanna White. While the daytime series ended in 1991, the nighttime syndicated version continues to go strong on ABC! In a game of Wheel of Fortune, can you solve these phrases?

In Wheel of Fortune, there are a host of different categories ranging from "around the house" and "show biz" to "rhyme time" and "fictional character." Contestants start by spinning a wheel with values that range from $500 to a million dollars. Similar to the game of hangman, players are asked to guess a letter. They are awarded the amount for every letter they guess correctly within their turn. If they guess an incorrect letter, the turn goes to the next contestant. Three contestants battle it out to see who will make it to the final round. Could you make it to the final round of this quiz?

Do you have enough to buy a vowel or will the Wheel of Fortune leave you bankrupt? There's only one way to find out!

Spin the wheel and let's begin!

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