Quiz: Where Do You Fall on the Passionate Love Spectrum?
Where Do You Fall on the Passionate Love Spectrum?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Are you really as passionate as you think you are? As a proven system of analysis, our Passionate Love Spectrum will put your mind at ease by letting you know where you fall. By digging deep into your thoughts about relationships and your experiences, we'll be able to gather an accurate ranking of how hot or cold your passionate side runs! Do you think you'll fall into the steamy zone or the igloo zone? It's a good thing to know either way!

The Passionate Love Spectrum takes a look at your dating history, your personality, and your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. Gauging where you land on the spectrum, you could land up with a legendary reputation for being an amazing lover like Cleopatra! Or you might get a few pointers from the questions devised by an expert team of Cupids. Knowing how deep your passionate side runs can even help you become a better partner!

Pour yourself a tall glass of wine, and think romantic thoughts so that the answers come to you naturally. From there, we'll calculate your level of smoldering passion and let you know what part of the spectrum you can call home! Let's dive in!

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