Where Do You Fit on the Sassy Scale?

Zoe Samuel

How do you feel about gallows humor?

Do you excel at witty repartee?

Have you ever been fired for blowing the whistle at work?

What do you say when a friend asks if her butt looks big in an outfit - and it honestly does?

Have you ever broken the law?

When you drive, how often do you speed?

Do you bounce back easily?

How on-trend is your style?

How often do you change your look?

Do you walk with confidence?

Can you say it all with a raised eyebrow?

Do people trust you to tell it like it is?

Are you quirky?

Do you have a good "mm-hm"?

Would you ever be cast as the hero's wisecracking friend in a romantic comedy?

Which celebrity are you most like?

Are you a thinly-drawn stereotype?

How often do you apologize, compared to the average person?

Do you gossip a lot behind people's backs?

Do you ever regret sending an email?

Do you love sticking it to the Man?

What fictional character would you like to hang out with?

Do you like being around sassy people?

Can you snap your fingers with both hands?

Can you snap your little finger?

Can you twerk?

Do you worry about haters?

Do you have a filter?

Do you own any shirts with sayings on them like "self-rescuing princess"?

Which superhero are you most like?

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About This Quiz

The dictionary defines "sass" as impudence or cheek, but it's really much more than that. Sass is about an attitude that makes people laugh in the face of danger, that speaks truth to power, and that doesn't let its fears control it. 

Being sassy means dressing the way you want to dress, whether it's someone else's idea of fashion or not. It means changing your career or job if you're realizing that your current course simply doesn't suit who you intend to become. It means not being afraid to reinvent yourself. Most of all, it means carrying yourself in such a way as to tell the world that you do not take crap from anyone. There are certainly other ways to take control of your life, but sass is a great place to start.

A sassy person is usually very witty, meaning some people warm towards them quickly. However, others may take exception to sass, seeing it as inappropriate or as somehow disrupting the natural order of things - which of course, is often exactly the point. 

The important thing about sass is that while you may use it to lightly mock a friend, most of all it is about punching up, never down. It punctures pomposity and helps people see the absurdity of a situation. You can learn it a little, but usually you're born with it. So click on through and let's see just how much sass you've got!

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