Where in England Should You Live?

Mark Lichtenstein

Are you okay with living in a small community where you can't escape your neighbors?

Are you a sports fan?

Do you like the sea?

Are you capable of understanding the more obscure English accents?

Are you married?

What is your favorite sport?

What South American country would you consider living in?

Do you have kids?

Are you old?

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

What do you like to do outdoors?

Do you like isolation?

Are you metropolitan?

What Asian city would you consider living in?

How often do you need to be in a city?

Do you need to be in the center of everything?

Do you own a dog?

What do you like to do indoors?

What European country would you consider living in?

Are you good at making friends in a busy environment?

What industry are you in?

Do you mind lots of darkness?

Do you have sensitive skin?

How much do you travel?

Are you a big theater fan?

Are you a member of many clubs?

What is your view on visiting Europe?

How cool are you?

What region of America do you now live in?

Which show best reflects how you view England?

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About This Quiz

From the rolling hills of Yorkshire to the dramatic cliffs of Dover, England has much more to offer than the hustle and bustle of London! Roughly the size of the state of Maine, England is home to over 55 million people. As one of Europe’s hottest destinations, England attracts visitors from all over the world. If you were going for more than just a visit, where in England would be right the right place for you to take up residence?

Much like the United States, England is chock full of different regions that have distinct features and accents. From the posh living of the Cotswolds to the trendy, up-and-coming neighborhoods of London, you are guaranteed to find a place that best suits your lifestyle. Even if you want to live in a magical landscape dotted with medieval landscapes, you’re sure to find it in England.

Think about your standards of living and the things you need to be happy in life, and then decide what you find most important. Through this quiz, you'll find out where in England should you live. We’ll find your perfect location so get out your passport, and carry on with the questions in this quiz. Cheerio!

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