Where should you go on your next backpacking trip?

By: Tori Highley

In your mind, what does the sky look like?

What plant do you want to see next to the trail?

What are your favorite shoes for base camp?

What do you drink before hitting the hay?

Do you wear sunscreen?

Which activity outside of backpacking do you love?

What is in your first aid kit?

What do you like to take pictures of on your trip?

What kind of car do you drive to the trail?

What is your favorite camping food?

How did you prepare for the trip?

What activity do you do in the winter?

What is your light source of choice?

What kind of clothes do you wear hiking?

Do you like hiking in a group?

What kind of socks are you wearing?

Which tent would you prefer?

What did you bring for dinner on your trip?

What kind of backpack do you have?

You come across a small lake in the afternoon. You...

Do you bring a chair with you?

How do you feel about electronics on the trail?

Where do you set up your tent?

Which would you swim in?

Which creative activity will you do on the trail?

What is the non-essential thing you won't leave without?

What are you most excited to tell your friends about your trip?

What is your biggest fear about backpacking?

What kind of water bottle do you bring?

What is your post-trip treat?

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About This Quiz

Backpacking is an exciting way to relax and unwind, not to mention the added health benefits of hiking in the woods. There are so many places to go, and so little time for it. This quiz will show you your next destination for a beautiful trip.

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