Quiz: Which 1980s song lyrics explain your life?
Which 1980s song lyrics explain your life?
By: David Copper
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About This Quiz

No decade pumped out the jams quite like the '80s! When you hear your favorite '80s song, you can't help but turn up the radio and dance. You don't even care if people think you're strange at a stoplight - nothing fills you with more joy! There are more memorable '80s songs than you can list, but have you ever considered with '80s song explains your life? Like, really explains your life?

Picture yourself cruising down the road with an'80s satellite radio station playing in the background. When that one song comes on that explains you, you crank the volume and sing at the top of your lungs. Are you singing along with Prince, or does Madonna get you better? Or are you more of a Bon Jovi kind of person? The life you've lived will go a long way in helping us figure out which '80s song could have been written about your life. 

Turn the boombox up for this quiz! Telling us about your quirks, your hopes for the future, and your taste in fashion will help us to find the song, the very song, that was written went your life in mind. If you're ready to find out, you know what to do! 

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