Quiz: Which '70s One-Hit Wonder Are You?
Which '70s One-Hit Wonder Are You?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: ARC‎; ‎Columbia

About This Quiz

A one-hit wonder is any artist that achieves mainstream success for a short period of time, based on one popular song, with no follow-up success. When it comes to music, these are songs that went to the top of the charts in multiple countries, but the artists who sang them never saw such success again, making them a one-hit wonder.

When it comes to music from the 1970s, there was a lot of feel-good music which you could just sit back and listen to, but there were also those catchy pop and dance tunes, like "Dancing Queen" and "Stayin' Alive," which made you want to party, as well as plenty of rock songs to jam out to. The decade saw its fair share of love songs, but the most significant thing about the music was the number of songs which spoke about the events going on in the world, like "Let It Be" and "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Which of the one-hit wonders from the 1970s best describes you as a person? Is there one song that you feel immediately connected to when you hear it? Well if there is, you can find it in this quiz. Take it to find out which song you are!

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