Quiz: Which 80s Hunk Is Your Soulmate?
Which 80s Hunk Is Your Soulmate?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Collage; Sean Connery, Arnold, Patrick

About This Quiz

"I've had the time of my life. And I owe it all to you!" You may be belting these lyrics out not only because of Patrick Swayze, but also because of this quiz! The 1980s was a wonderful time when it came to film. Not only were there tons of blockbusters, but there were tons of leading men worth drooling over! From action's leading men to the heartthrobs of the "Brat Pack," which '80s hunk is your soulmate?

While 1970s film lovers might prefer that decade, it's clear that the 1980s created and features countless leading men who had your heart ready to jump right out of your chest. When it came to action and adventure, actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford might've had you ready to join the ride. For the lovers of romance, Patrick Swayze had many of us ready to get out of the corner and join him for the time of our life. While these men were surely lighting up the screen, another population of heartthrobs were appearing for the younger generation.

With all this eye candy which includes Rob Lowe and the strong Arnold Schwarzenegger, which '80s hunk is your soulmate? There's only one way to find out! Take this quiz and we'll tell you which star you're destined to be with!

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