Which '80s Pop Princess Are You?

Khadija Leon

What was the best thing to come out of the 80s?

Which of these movies is your favorite?

Which of these phrases do you still use today?

Which 80s heartthrob would you marry?

Which 80s TV show did you watch?

Which popular 80s concert would you attend?

What is your favorite music genre?

Which of these songs was your jam?

Which lyric best describes your life?

Everybody did drugs back in the 80s, right?

Which of these cars would you have driven around in?

Whose poster would you have stuck on your wall?

If you were a pop star, what would you be known for?

What would you write a song about?

Fast forward to 2025. Where do you see yourself?

People think that you are:

How would you describe yourself?

What occupation did you want as a child?

What color was your childhood bedroom?

Which of these things are you good at?

What did you do on Friday nights when you were a teen?

What kind of people are you into?

At a house party, where can you be found?

What were your relationships like?

Which of these ice cream flavors do you eat regularly?

What type of makeup do you use most?

What type of candy would you be?

What type of material did you usually wear?

Which of these cities would you like to visit?

Which of these places do you find most relaxing?

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Image: Maverick Records

About This Quiz

"Girls just want to have fu-un!" And you do too! The 80s was an iconic time for music. 

While millions of people were rocking out to Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, the decade also saw the rise of the pop princess. While they were singing and dancing to fun beats, no one could forget the edgy aura of these leading ladies.

Are you bold and fun like Cyndi Lauper? "Time After Time," this artist was unafraid to play with her pink or yellow hair. She was the epitome of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Rather than playful, you might be sexy and edgy like Madonna! This pop princess was never short of bubblegum beats (remember "Material Girl" and "Holiday?") She also never shied away from a little controversy with her classic songs like "Like a Virgin" and "Like a Prayer."  Wedding dresses have never been the same...

If you're not Cyndi Lauper or Madonna, you might be a bit more Tiffany, or you could be like the patron saint of not giving a damn, Pat Benatar. There's only one way to find out! Take this quiz, and we'll tell you which 80s pop princess you are!

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