Which '80s Rock Song Couple Are You?

Teresa M.

Who cooks dinner most often?

Which one of you is more logical?

Are you married?

Which superpower do you wish your partner had?

Do either of you snore?

Which one of you is better with money?

Which spirit animal would you associate with your SO?

Who wears the pants?

Which one of you is the most introverted?

Which Rom-Com reminds you most of your relationship?

Do either of your like Duran Duran?

What would you rather spend a weekend doing together?

How do you settle arguments?

Have you had many long-term relationships?

What do you think your partner likes most about you?

What is your partner like when they are sick?

Which one of you is more likely to cry during a film?

Who is the better dancer?

Which U.S. state would you choose for a honeymoon?

Do you watch sports together?

Does your best friend like your partner?

Where could you see the two of you retiring?

Do you have children?

Who has the bigger music collection?

Which Journey song do you like best?

When is the last time you got lucky?

Which one of you has the better sense of humor?

Which element is your partner most like?

How often do you argue?

Who is the better karaoke singer?

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About This Quiz

Here's a little ditty about a crazy quiz out there in internet land! If you've ever wondered with '80s fictional couple the two of you are, you could easily figure out which Rom-Com duo fits you both to a tee. Finding out with '80s rock song couple you are will take a little more work! Not only will we need to delve into the most private parts of your relationship, but we will also need to know which one of you has the worst taste in music.

If you want to include your partner while you take the quiz, that's totally up to you. Depending on which couple you are, involving them could be immensely helpful, or you could get annoyed with their air guitaring and wish you would have never asked them to participate! Love is a many splendored thing, but does your relationship see you hanging out at the Tasty Freeze or are you halfway there and "Living on a Prayer?"

The only way to find out if your relationship is best sung in '80s rock song form is to open up and tell us everything! We are very curious to know if you are more like Dire Straight's "Romeo and Juliet" or if your relationship is way more healthy. Let's '80s rock our way to the answer!

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