Quiz: Which '80s Song Describes Your Life?
Which '80s Song Describes Your Life?
By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

The '80s were such an exciting and innovative decade! No decade before or since has been as exciting as the '80s. Given the number of extremely cool things to come out of the time period, it can be difficult to narrow down the things we find most relatable. This quiz will help you wade through the decade's grooviest and most rocking music to find out which '80s song best describes your life.

You might be super freaky or you could be living on a prayer. Either way, we're sure to get to know you enough to know what song will best sum up your life. Try to answer with the responses truest to you so that you can find the song that describes every aspect of your life. If you are planning a career change or a move across the country, there's an '80s song out there that you should start using as your own personal anthem. 

Whether it's George Michael or Madonna crooning your '80s song, is yet to be seen. Once you describe yourself in detail, pairing your life with an '80s song will be a breeze. You won't even have to do the "Electric Slide" to find out!

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