Quiz: Which '90s Alternative Chick Are You?
Which '90s Alternative Chick Are You?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The women of the 90s came in many shapes and sizes and attitudes. One such attitude was the alternative movement that came about because of rock and roll. Alternative music is a kind of rock music that came about in the '80s but was made extremely popular in the '90s. The word 'alternative' was used to distinguish itself from its parent. 

Because of its popularity in the 90s, many bands and singers decided to make the genre their own and among those performers were the likes of R.E.M, Violent Femmes, The Dream Syndicate and The Feelies. These bands were heavily responsible for moving this style of music from the underground to a broader audience. 

Now, it wasn't just bands who sung alternative songs; women found their place in the genre and struck gold when they realized just how receptive people were to their product. So which one of these women are you? 

Are you Courtney Love? Although she's most known for being with Kurt Cobain, her songs with the band Hole got lots of airplay on the radios. Or are you more like Liz Phair? While her music was more emotional, she did have an incredible run. Or maybe you're more like Bjork or PJ Harvey. The only way to find out for sure is to complete our quiz.

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