Which Add-ons/customizations Should You Get for Your Truck?

Mark Philip Lichtenstein

What says "class" to you?

Should capability speak for itself?

Do you like to brag?

Do you frequently feel the need to prove yourself?

What was your relationship with your father like?

What do you think "cool" is about?

Are you in good shape?

Which tattoo would you get?

Do you plan on going to car shows with your truck?

What kind of truck do you have?

Do you actually use your truck for work?

What do you haul in your truck?

Is your truck a 4x4?

What is the most indestructible truck in the world?

If you had to drive a hatchback, which kind would you have?

If you had to drive a station wagon, which one would you have?

If you had a stupid sports car, which one would you have?

Motorcycles. Are they cool?

Which motorcycle would you ride?

Do you ATV?

Is your ATV an automatic?

Who is your favorite actor?

Who is your favorite actress?

Who is your favorite band?

Do you off-road?

If you couldn't have a truck, would you feel "less than"?

What is the point of a truck?

Why did you take this quiz?

How do you feel about dynos?

Body panels. Aluminum or steel?

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About This Quiz

Yeah, you got a great truck. It's got loads of torque. It has reams of horsepower. It even has some personality. Does it have your personality, though? Let's find out how you should customize your truck.

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