Which Age Is Your Soul From?

Zoe Samuel

How religiously observant are you?

What sort of news do you follow most closely?

How do you use modern technology?

What sort of personal achievement impresses you the most?

Which of these modern conveniences do you value the most?

How do you rank achievements?

People give Michelangelo, da Vinci and Titian a lot of credit, but do they deserve it? How do you feel about the major players of The Renaissance?

How do you prefer to learn new skills?

To what style of art do you feel most drawn?

How do you feel when people write off the achievements of ancient engineers as "low hanging fruit"?

Everyone needs to use email these days, but what type of communication do you prefer to use in your personal life?

In what environment do you feel the most recharged?

How do you feel about the initial brutality industry always seems to enact towards working people, when there are significant industrial changes?

Which of these statements best describes the nature of your upbringing?

What are your thoughts on the expression "cultural imperialism?"

What do you feel is the foundation of a stable society?

How do you organize your finances?

What is your great passion?

What are your thoughts on the existence and nature of God?

Apps have taken the place of many tools people used to carry around. What's your favorite type of smartphone app?

Time has a way of making one value things specific to one's generation. What kinds of books do you prefer to read?

If you were in charge of a business, what kind of boss would you be?

What's your teaching style?

What do you deem the worst social faux pas?

What physical endeavor do you think is the most interesting to observe as a third party?

What is the most important aspect of any product you buy and or use?

Who do you see as the highest authority?

Why would you turn your back on a friend?

Different times meant people traveled differently and covered different distances. How much travel would you like to do?

How agitated do you get when history takes a turn for the worst?

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Image: VisionsofAmerica/Joe Sohm / Digital Vision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Can you imagine your grandfather growing up in today's world? Or Emmanuel Macron trying to make it in 14th-century French politics? People and the times in which they live are not interchangeable. This isn't just because people grow up with a specific set of technology, language, politics, or religious values. There's something deeper about how the weave of the fabric of society changes over time.

When is a soul is born, it is unformed and innocent. Given time, it will take a more specific shape, a form sculpted by the trials and tribulations of its time, the values of its time, and the lessons history teaches those who live through it. Every age saw itself one way and was seen differently through hindsight.

Over the centuries, humanity achieved tremendous advantages, thinking itself the true master of politics, science and art, only to fall, or to be surpassed by a successive civilization. Some periods are defined by the dominance of a specific philosophy or idea, while others are shaped more by religion, technology or changes in the environment. 

Of course, the people thrust into each age determine something of the outcome of their time, and thus we have the turning wheel of history; humanity making small changes over time that add up to huge differences over the decades. What age is your soul from? Sort it out with us by taking this quiz!

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