Which American Accent Are You Most Attracted To?


You're having a big get-together with family on the weekend. How do you feel about the cooking you have to do?

When it comes to vacations, what's the ultimate getaway for you?

If you're planning a dinner menu, what protein is likely to be the centerpiece?

What kind of person do you usually find yourself attracted to?

Sometimes sticking to a schedule can be brutal. When do you do your best work?

Suppose you get cut off in traffic and nearly get into an accident. How do you react?

You always have room for more friends in life. What's the best way to get to know a new person?

You're supposed to spend the holidays with your family but someone is being difficult and doesn't want to go. How do you react?

Some people seem like they were born to entertain. How do you feel about guests coming over?

Everyone has their own style - what's yours?

Let's be honest - who is the single greatest action star of all time?

Everyone likes to unwind with a drink now and then. What's your drink of choice?

If you were going to watch some sports, what game would attract your attention the most?

Everyone likes to have some fast food now and then. Which fast food joint calls your name?

What feature do you think is least attractive in another person?

You finally get a day off work and can do whatever you like. What's the plan?

When you have some spare time to watch a movie, what genre are you most likely to watch?

If you could visit any place on Earth, where would you go?

They say laughter is the best medicine. Which comedian never fails to crack you up?

If you just wanted to get away for a while with friends, what would be the best way to travel?

You can tell a lot about a person by their dessert choice. What pie do you crave the most?

The holidays are always fun, but which holiday is the best of them all?

Say you're going on a first date with someone - where are you going to take them?

If money was no object, what would be your dream car?

No one likes being harassed by telemarketers. How do you handle nuisance phone calls?

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do with all that money?

Say you're out in the woods on a hike and you get lost. No phone or GPS. What do you do?

Everyone likes pets, right? What's your ideal pet?

There are a lot of cop shows on TV. What's the best one?

Superheroes are hotter than ever right now. Which hero do you relate to most?

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About This Quiz

Of course you find an accent attractive, because who doesn't?  A person with an accent is like food with spice on it. It was fine without it, but with it, oh man. That's something special. it's just a little extra kick that really makes everything better. And sure, there are British accents, and French accents, and Italian accents - which are all wonderful. But what about the homegrown kind?  America is such a big, diverse land that it's managed to foster its own unique set of delightful accents.  Each one is a little bit different and has a different appeal.  Sometimes it can be kind of hard to choose which one you like the most.  Good thing we're here to help!

All you need to do is take this simple quiz and let us know a bit about your likes and dislikes, and before you know it, we'll use our skills of linguistic matchmaking to pair you with the perfect accent.  Are you a sucker for Cajun?  The Bronx? Texan?  We can narrow the field for you and point you in the right direction,  have no fears. Take the quiz and dive into a world of distinct cadence and patois!

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