Which American General Are You?

Zoe Samuel

Do you love to overcome impossible odds?

Have you ever survived rejection?

Do you think America would exist without you?

How political are you?

Do you love computers?

Ever cross the Delaware?

Do you love the oceans?

Are you small but mighty?

Are you a fan of hand-to-hand combat?

Who is America's enemy?

Who is America's friend?

What is the optimal number of superpowers in the world?

Do you love modern technology?

How do you feel about NATO?

Do you court controversy?

Are you a trailblazer?

Be honest: are you possibly, sometimes, just a tiny bit hypocritical when it comes to living your values?

Do you come from money?

Are you eloquent?

What would you be if you had not been in the military?

Which of America's wars do you think was probably a bad idea?

Other than World War Two - which generally people agree had to be fought - which of America's wars was the best idea?

How do you like to get around a battlefield?

Do you command from the front?

Do you need credit for your work?

How many medals is too many?

What's your signature look?

Where are you from?

What will you be in your post-military life?

What general of the ancient world do you aspire to be like?

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Image: Collage; Admiral Grace Hopper, General John Allen, General Dwight Eisenhower

About This Quiz

There have been some great American leaders in the nation's military history, but each one took their own path to the top, and then led with their own distinctive approach. Which are you?

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