Which Ancient City Should You Time Travel To?

Zoe Samuel

How important is it that there are English speakers where you are going?

How "extreme" do you want your cultural immersion?

Do you want to see the things all the other tourists see?

How much of this trip is going to just be you looking for a good time?

How much do you like visiting Roman ruins?

How likely are you to take part in something like The Running of The Bulls?

Would you like to visit a former war zone like Vietnam or Lithuania?

How many times have you visited Las Vegas?

How much do you like spicy food?

How much do you mind a hostile local population?

How much are you into classical architecture?

How many times have you been to Ibiza?

How much do you like it to rain while you're on vacation?

How much do you like the jungle?

Are you interested in meeting very impressive foreign leaders?

How many European cities have you been to mostly for the clubbing?

How much are you interested in neolithic ruins?

How much do you like to try to unravel historical mysteries?

How comfortable are you with large animals?

Have you ever visited a city explicitly for its black market or red light district?

How willing are you to be adventurous with strange foods like jellied eels?

Do you like unusual architecture?

Do you like to visit places likely to disappear because of things like climate change?

Do you see foreign travel as a chance to pursue sensual pleasures away from the prying eyes of your neighbors?

How comfortable are you in a place that does not have a city plan for the way streets work?

Are you interested in cultures that very nearly were the dominant ones?

Would you like to vacation by the sea?

How much do you plan to drink while on vacation?

Are you interested in strange local customs of dress?

How much would you like to go someplace warm?

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Image: @ Didier Marti/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Anyone who has traveled the world knows that culture shock will happen to one degree or another in any country. Some countries have austere religious rules. Some countries have strange local customs which you don't want to violate lest you be branded as rude. In some places, it just comes down to navigating the city streets.

Add to that one's need to change over to the local currency, the need to dress more or less like a local, and finding out what sights you want to see, and you've got a big challenge ahead of you.

What if we could add to this challenge? What if we could offer you a time machine (don't worry, we know a guy) that would transport you to the ancient city of your choice? Were you paying attention in high school history? Do you have any idea of where you'd want to go?

Don't worry. We won't pressure you. In fact, we're here to help. We have come up with a simple quiz you can take right now to determine where to go. We'll ask you about your past travels, where you are interested in going in our time, and what you like and dislike about travel. With that data, we can determine what ancient city you should visit in your time-traveling adventures!

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