Quiz: In Which Ancient Civilization Would You Thrive?
In Which Ancient Civilization Would You Thrive?
By: Tori Highley

About This Quiz

At first glance, ancient civilizations seem like one in the same. But when you dig deeper, you will find that they were complex social, political and scientific systems that were worlds apart, from enlightened and philosophical civilizations to warlike cultures who also had a uniquely scientific way of asserting agricultural dominance on the land using astronomical features. Which of these great ancient civilizations would you have thrived in? 

While many people think of the earliest civilizations as warring factions, the people of Ancient Mesopotamia, the earliest known civilization, prided themselves on ingenuity, creativity and cultural artistry, where an artist as important to the people as a merchant or soldier. They prized law, yet sought individualism. 

The Greeks had a sense of duty to country and state, while they cherished pursuits such as philosophy and athleticism. The Han of China prized strategy and historical documentation, yet they also lived a lavish lifestyle. The Mayan considered ingenuity one of their dominant traits, with pyramids larger than the pyramids of Egypt, a written language and their own calendar which many consider to be the most accurate in the world. 

So, where do you fit into this puzzle of the ancient world? Answer these questions about your interests, activities and philosophy of life and we'll tell you which civilization would have greeted you with open arms!

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