Quiz: Which Ancient Symbol Are You?
Which Ancient Symbol Are You?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Feng Wei Photography/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Symbols are so commonplace, we hardly notice them anymore. From "exit" signs to "don't walk" signals, they appear when there's a need for guidance and information. Plus, there are hundreds of emoticons we use to convey our feelings and moods. However, there is a big difference between signs of the times and symbols of old. Ancient symbols took on more meaning and substance. For instance, the evil eye symbol would conjure up all forms of evil doings and curses. The pentagram, the ancient symbol of witchcraft, would bring a chill to those who might stumble upon it. From ancient Rome to ancient Greek, and from Native Indian to Asian cultures, the symbols were very powerful and could move the soul. 

How would you represent yourself as a symbol? If that's hard to imagine, this quiz will help. Answer the quiz questions regarding your likes, dislikes, your social interactions and everyday habits, and we'll assess those answers against a catalog of symbols, then select the one that represents you best. Whether your personality and traits point to you being joyous, judgmental, a fighter, a lover or even a peacemaker, we'll find a symbol that says it all in a single design. Check it out, you'll be amazed at how accurate we can be about you. 

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