Which Ancient Symbol Perfectly Reflects Your Soul?

Teresa McGlothlin

How do you settle your mind to meditate?

Do you have a soft or a guarded heart?

If you had one wish for the world, what would it be?

Do you consider yourself a religious person?

What sort of grades did you get in high school history class?

Which ancient civilization do you find most interesting?

Do you feel more connected to the element of fire or water?

Would you consider yourself an empathic person?

Which one of your traits is the most admirable?

Do you often cry when you watch romantic movies?

Which random act of kindness might you perform?

What do you think when you meet a new dog?

When you have guests over, what is the first thing you do?

Do you often turn to your horoscope for answers?

Which historical era do you know the most about?

Do you have a lot of stamps in your passport?

When you are determined to do something, which natural force are you most like?

What do you do to relieve the stress of every day on your soul?

As a child, were you more curious or cautious?

How do you usually feel when you are behind the wheel of a car?

If we asked your best friend to describe your attitude, what would they say?

Do you strike up conversations with people in the grocery store line?

Are you more competitive with others or with yourself?

Do you believe in the concept of luck?

Are you the type of person who believes in miracles?

What are your levels of patience like?

Do you ever try to interpret your dreams?

What type of games are you best at playing?

Are you easy to get riled up or angry?

When you are wrong about something, do you apologize?

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Image: filo / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images

About This Quiz

We get so caught up in our quickly moving days that we often forget to take a moment to nurture our souls. Our souls have been around a lot longer than our bodies, and it's important to know where your soul stands and what it puts off to the world. After you tell us all about the things that make up your inner being, we will let you know which ancient symbol reflects you the best and how you can learn to embrace it.

Do you keep your soul guarded and only share it with friends, or do you let it all hang out and dare the world to come at you with all it has? Throughout this quiz, we are going to try to get to know you better than your best friend so that we can match your soul up with the symbol that speaks about you from the inside out. Whether you're protective, freewheeling or generally optimistic, your soul already uses a symbol as its guide, but we want you to know which one. 

For this quiz, we've gone deeper than the surface, and we hope that you'll take your time to consider the answer before you choose it. Once you do, the symbol that represents you best will be as clear as the runes on a table. Are you ready to find out which one you are? 

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