Quiz: Which Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical Should You Star In?
Which Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical Should You Star In?
By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

You know you have star quality. The entertainer inside you needs to break free and soar. And if that soaring could be accompanied by music and dancers, all the better. Ah, but which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical would be the best vehicle to launch your career? You’ll need to take this quiz to find out! Put on your dancing shoes and start practicing your scales - you are about to learn which musical represents you best. Click now.

If you have a ticket to an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, you are golden. Since the ‘70s, his Broadway musicals have resonated with theatre-goers across America. And once these glorious productions open, they continue to draw audiences year after year. Remember "Cats," "Evita," the critically acclaimed "Jesus Christ Superstar" and the inspiring "Sunset Boulevard"? It’s amazing how a captivating story, rich, moving music, the finest singers, dancers and actors can be brought together on one stage, with the result being thunderous applause. 

So, which of Webber’s famous musicals exemplifies you best? Take the quiz to learn more. The insightful questions on this quiz help narrow your likes, dislikes and the type of role that brings out your best. Hurry, the curtain is going up! Click below to start the quiz.

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