Which Animal Are You When You're in Love?

Emily Maggrett

What's the meanest thing you've ever done to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend?

At your high school prom, you notice an attractive stranger dancing with your date in a very touchy-feely way. What do you do?

Would you rather cuddle with your sweetie for six hours under a beautiful blanket or go to a chilly but cool boat party featuring free champagne and caviar?

Are you high-strung? Which "Ferris Bueller" character would you be?

What do people find hot about you?

If you were an animal sidekick in a Disney movie, which one would you be?

Which of these unusual meats have you eaten?

A rich stranger offers you a million dollars to stay in bed for one year. You wouldn't be allowed to visit with anyone besides your partner and you'd be banned from using email or social media. Do you say yes?

Would you rather party with Rihanna or with Drake?

Imagine you're single and going to college. One day, you meet an attractive classmate with two equally attractive friends. All three of them are interested in you. What do you do?

Do you like to spoil your partners, or do you think YOU should be the spoiled one?

If a murderer were chasing you, could you climb a tree to escape them? How high?

When it comes to cuteness, which of these animals is totally overrated?

Have you ever stolen someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend?

Would you rather be married to Prince Harry, Prince William, Princess Meghan or Princess Kate?

A very ugly cat starts coming by your house. You feed it because it's so skinny. Soon it wants to come inside. Do you adopt it?

You go on a date with someone you've liked for a long time. After lunch, while window shopping, your crush accidentally breaks something and then lies about it to the store owner, a cute old man. Do you still have a crush on your date?

If your partner always wore a dorky hat that embarrassed you, what (if anything) would you do about it?

Are you more of a dumper or a dumpee?

You're at a party. Someone offers you a drink but doesn't tell you what it is. Do you try it?

When you're dating someone, do you keep up with your usual friends, or do you go to "girlfriend/boyfriend island"?

Your job offers to transfer you to their Indonesian branch. You'll be given a penthouse and a significant promotion if you agree. Do you say yes?

Would you stay in a relationship with a person you considered sort of a fool if you had good physical chemistry with them?

How much of your body hair do you remove?

Do you like yourself? Why?

What if you were hosting a party but all your guests came an hour early, while your house was still a mess? Would you freak out?

Would you rather date someone who's smart or someone who's good at volleyball?

Your sister asks you to help her move on Valentine's Day. You know your partner has made very special plans for that night. What do you tell your sister?

If your boyfriend called your mother a nasty name, would you break up with him?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awkwardly do you flirt?

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About This Quiz

We all have an animal side that comes out under certain circumstances. A corporate environment can bring out the weasel in you, while an upcoming high school reunion may have you preening like a peacock. But romantic love inspires our most animalistic behavior, perhaps because love is such a primal force. The strength of our emotions strips away the thin veneer of civilized behavior, revealing our more elemental selves. 

Which animal do you act like when you're in love? How would your ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends describe you? Are you cuddly like a bear or vengeful like a scorpion? Do you move through the club like a sinuous panther, stalking your preferred prey (a cute guy)? Or are you as awkward as a bull in a china shop, rarely saying the right thing and tripping over your own feet?

In this quiz, we're going to reveal which animal you act like when you're in love by asking you a series of very personal questions. If you're easily embarrassed, this is not the quiz for you! We want to know how you flirt, fight and make up, because these mating behaviors are still innately tied to humanity's untamed side. So, are you ready to go bananas? Take a walk on the wild side by playing this quiz!

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