Which Animal Best Matches Your Flirting Style?

Zoe Samuel

If you like someone, how explicit are you about that?

Where do you like to touch your crush first?

What's your signature eye contact move?

What sort of present might you give them?

What's a great all-purpose compliment?

Do you ever flirt with another person to make the one you actually want jealous?

Do you have more than one person in your life at a time who you are flirting with?

Has anyone ever failed to notice that you were flirting with them?

What is the worst thing your crush could do in response to your flirting?

What's the longest you've waited before returning a call, text or email?

What medium do you communicate in the most readily?

What sort of joke would you tell?

Do you ever deploy a corny one-liner?

Would you make a fool of yourself on purpose, just to make them laugh?

What romantic gesture is the best one?

If their family member or bestie is there, how do you charm them?

How do you feel about negative "flirting" techniques like negging?

What's the main feeling you hope to instill in the target of your flirting?

Do you like to overwhelm your target with affection and interest?

Is there any location in which it is never OK to flirt?

If your crush seems uncomfortable, how do you adjust?

Do you only flirt with people you know well?

Do you ever flirt just for fun or practice?

If you don't get a phone number or a date from flirting, how do you feel?

Do you ever flirt by inviting the other person to join you in judging someone else in a mean way?

What topic of conversation is the worst one to use in flirting?

What might you ask someone about, in order to make them feel really engaged?

What fact about yourself would you tell someone in the course of your flirting, to intrigue or charm them?

What's the first thing you want your crush to feel when they see you?

You came, you flirted, you were definitively rejected. How do you handle it?

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About This Quiz

Flirting is one of those things that, done well, leaves both sides feeling absolutely marvelous afterward, even if nothing comes of it. It's a combination of flattery, touch, witty repartee, eye contact and body language that transmits to a person not so much that you find them sexually attractive, but that you find them incredibly interesting. You like being around them; you find them alluring.

There are some methods of trying to get a mate that call themselves flirting, but are not. Flirting never involves cutting a person down to make them feel less-than so that they will then crave your good opinion - that's just bullying. Similarly, flirting requires a certain finesse; if you come right out and just say "Wanna bang?" that's not really flirting, that's more just... well, we're not sure what the word is for that, because it isn't seduction either. Flirting also isn't about just showing off your money or your jokes or your big muscles.

The most important part of flirting is that it brings pleasure to the target. Whether you get their number or not - whether that was even your goal or not - they should come away feeling like their most desirable, enchanting, witty, interesting self. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to achieve this outcome, and some of them bear an uncanny resemblance to the techniques of our friends in the animal kingdom. Which are yours?

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