Quiz: Which Animal Is Your Kindred Spirit?
Which Animal Is Your Kindred Spirit?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

People are like animals. On a very literal level, people must eat and sleep and reproduce, as animals do. On a slightly more poetic level, some people are angry and aggressive like sharks, while others are strong and gentle like mother bears.

People have compared themselves to animals since we separated from them thousands of years ago. Shamans enact rituals to have totemic animals spirits inhabit their bodies, to achieve physical feats impossible for people. Sports teams chose animals as mascots, to imbue the team with a kind of animal aggression. Pet owners compare themselves to their pets, seeing aspects of their personalities in their birds, dogs, cats, and even fish.

Much of the reason we try to preserve disappearing species is that we feel a strong relationship with the other creatures on this tiny blue orb we live on. The vulnerability of animals mirrors our own vulnerabilities, and watching their behavior reminds us of our place in the food chain, and how quickly those roles can change.

Are you as clever as a fox? Are you as quick as a snipe? Are you as strong as an ox? Have you ever wondered what animal kinship is strongest in you? It's easy to know! Just take this quiz.

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