Quiz: Which Animal Leader Are You?
Which Animal Leader Are You?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

While it's true that you are already a member of the animal kingdom, we want to get a little more specific than that! If you were one of the animal world's leaders, what species would you be? Do you see yourself as more of a mama bear than a papa peacock? Share your exciting human life with us, and we'll match you with the animal leader you have the most in common with! 

When situations get hairy, which animal leader pops out in your personality? Are you as fierce as an anaconda or as docile as a sloth? Either way, telling us about how you make choices in your everyday life will help us to pair you with your true animal leader spirit. As you go through the quiz, we'll want to get to know you as well as we possibly can. To prepared for the highest level of quiz accuracy, we have spent decades studying animal behavior. We're confident we can nail down the animal leader in you simply by hearing how you think!

We know you are now as excited as a monkey in a banana tree, but try to contain yourself! You'll need to focus like a viper targeting a mouse. Are you ready?

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