Quiz: Which Animal Will You Be In Your Next Life?
Which Animal Will You Be In Your Next Life?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered what kind of animal you were in a past life, or what animal you will be in your next life? By examining your human behaviors, we'll be able to let you know! Take the mystery out of your future and find out if you'll be a fierce hunting machine or a gentle herbivore. The things you do every day will clue us in to your raw animal instincts and pair you with the animal you are building in your soul this very moment. 

For centuries, we have studied animal behavior. Of course, some of it is natural curiosity. However, the main reason we study them is to get in touch with our own primal instincts. As humans, we love to compare ourselves with members of the animal kingdom. We also love to compare ourselves to them. Phrases like "so hungry I could eat a bear" or "he's as sly as a snake" go far deeper than you could imagine. We admire animals as much as we admire other humans. 

Throughout this quiz, we're going to dig deep into your animal instincts. By seeing how you conduct yourself in your everyday life, we'll be able to predict which animal you will come back as in your next life! Let's find out!

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