Quiz: Which Anime Color Should You Dye Your Hair?
Which Anime Color Should You Dye Your Hair?
By: Khadija Leon
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About This Quiz

In the Anime world, many things hold significant symbolism, and hair color is just one of them. Not only is hair color important because it says a lot about the character's personality, but also because it eludes to what their role in the story would be. 

Much like the hair color of real human beings, where people say that redheads are passionate, brunettes are intelligent, and blondes have more fun, the same can be said about those in the manga and anime, perhaps even more so.

While there is always an exception to the rule, most of them hold true to each character. Blondes are usually the lead characters while people with blue hair are often the soft-spoken intellectuals. Redheads are known for being headstrong and impulsive, while people with green hair are the chipper and sporty characters. People with purple hair are often noble or mysterious, and characters with white hair are seen as strange, or they possess some kind of magical abilities.

Which Anime color should you dye your hair? Will it match the traits that you already possess or will it be something completely unexpected? The only way to find out which color you'll be asking your stylist for is to take this quiz!

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