Quiz: Which Apex Predator Are You When You're Mad?
Which Apex Predator Are You When You're Mad?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Emotions are the nemesis of reason. Our highly evolved reasoning ability is what sets humans apart from all other life on Earth. Animals are ruled by instincts, base drives rooted in emotion, that guide their activities. Humans are at our best when we can have full access to our reasoning faculties, but animals are at their best when their highly developed instincts are put on full display.

When we become emotional, we become more like animals. Sometimes this makes us playful, like puppies or bear cubs, but other times it turns us into frenzied animals capable of clawing someone's face off, or at least yelling the truth of their humiliating off-key Cher singing habit within earshot of everyone at the office Christmas party.

Humans have compared ourselves to animals since we lived in caves. Shamanic traditions hold that humans can, psychologically if not physically transform into animal forms, temporarily. This is perhaps a useful metaphor for the affect of being truly pissed off. What is your behavior like when you are upset? Do you immediately to straight to the red mist or is it more complex? We offer you a quiz aimed and parsing out the components of your psyche so we can say definitively which apex predator you are when you are enraged. Take the quiz and find out!

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