Which A-Team Member Are You?

Steven Miller

Are you someone who plans things out or do you tend to play it by ear?

Do you smoke cigars?

Are you more comfortable as a leader or a follower?

Which holiday fits your personality the best?

Do you ever wear a disguise?

Which quote are you most likely to say?

How comfortable are you with taking risks?

How would you describe your love life?

How well does the description of "suave" match your personality?

Have you ever been involved in a scam?

Would you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?

Which description best matches your body type?

How good of a salesperson would you be?

Has anyone ever said that your beliefs and actions contradict themselves?

How odd of a character are you?

Do you enjoy flying?

Would you say that you're a bit of a mystery?

How do you feel about big explosions?

Do you have any anger management issues?

How intimidating is your presence?

Which haircut best matches your style?

Do you wear any gold?

How handy are you?

Do you work on your own vehicles?

How good are you with kids?

Are you a grumpy person?

How strong of a fighter are you?

What part of the day are you at your best?

If you weren't a member of the A-Team, which of the following careers would fit you the best?

Which nickname matches your personality the best?

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Image: Universal Television

About This Quiz

The A-Team became a cultural phenomenon in the '80s, with Mr. T emerging as a massive star. This rag-tag group of colorful personalities broke all the rules but found a way to get the job done and blow up as much stuff as possible along the way. We're about to find out if you're "Hannibal," "Bad Attitude," "Faceman" or "Howlin' Mad."

Maybe you're someone who is very handy at fixing anything you come across, and you have a bit of a temper. If so, B.A. Baracus might be just right for you. Should you mention that you're also very good with children and you have a paralyzing fear of flying in an airplane, there's not much doubt as to who we're going to match you up with.

Perhaps you're a planner, someone who can take all the potential factors in a situation and come up with a brilliant tactical scheme. If you also smoke a cigar on a regular basis and you enjoy dressing up in disguises, then it's clear that John "Hannibal" Smith is your man. When you tell us that you enjoy taking calculated risks and those around you commonly refer to you as a "fool," then it's a done deal.

The plane's engines are warming up. Are you getting on or are we going to have to sedate you?

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