Quiz: Which Beatles Song Woman Are You?
Which Beatles Song Woman Are You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

You know that you are a strong, unstoppable, and fantastic force of a woman, but do you know which woman from a Beatles song you are? Taking inspiration from everything and everyone around them, The Beatles took the world by storm with hits like "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." From rock 'n' roll dance numbers to psychedelic masterpieces, The Beatles covered just about every territory imaginable: including the women that influenced them. 

You might not be as shy as Prudence Farrow from "Dear Prudence," or you might be a world more real than Sexy Sadie. Either way, your answers come up, and you're going to have a blast seeing yourself through the eyes of John, Paul, Ringo, and George. It's no secret that many songs should and could have been written about you, but what song would the Fab Four use to sum you up best? The only way to find out is to tell us all about your thoughts, your actions, and your taste in music, too! 

Will you ask your friends to start calling you Eleanor Rigby or will you prefer to be addressed by Rita? As soon as you have an official answer, you can begin to brag! Let's find out which women from a Beatles song you are at heart!

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Which actress has the best look?

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Which animal from a Beatles song sounds most interesting?

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Which of The Beatles do you find most handsome?

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Which of the following do you wish you could do better?

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Which political issue is most important to you?

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Which of your facial features do you try to accentuate?

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Which style of skirt do you wear most often?

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Which word do you find most beautiful?

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What kind of makeup do you find trickiest to apply?

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Which kind of television shows do you binge watch?

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