Quiz: Which "Bewitched" Character Are You?
Which "Bewitched" Character Are You?
By: Brian W
Image: ABC

About This Quiz

They just don't make television shows like this one anymore. "Bewitched" was a television show that ran from 1964 to 1972 and was about a witch who married an ordinary man and attempted to live as a suburban housewife because that was his wish. 

This makes sense, right? A guy marries a woman who is not only smart and gorgeous but can also cast spells making all of his wildest dreams come true, and he wants her to be a housewife.

The show had a bunch of characters, but four were the most memorable. There was Samantha, who was charming, smart, optimistic and intelligent. In fact, her only main problem is that she keeps listening to her husband, Darrin, who works at an advertising agency. He's not a bad guy, but his main issue is that he is just a bit too normal. 

Endora is Samantha's mother, and she is also a powerful witch. She finds Darrin, and all mortals, rather dull. And we can't forget Darrin and Samantha's neighbor, Mrs. Kravitz, who always sees what is happening, but can't get anyone to believe her. Which "Bewitched" character are you more like? Take this quiz to find out.

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