Which Biblical Couple Are You and Your Love?

Tasha Moore

When it comes to having an open relationship, what is the consensus between you and your significant other?

When the two of you go out to eat, what are your dining habits?

What are his views about your children from another relationship?

How would your friends describe his personality?

In general, how does he treat you?

When the two of you met, what were your reactions?

How does she feel about money?

When the two of you travel, what kind of accommodations do you use?

When he heard that you were pregnant, how did he react?

When the two of you argue, what is his temper like?

How is his sense of humor?

What type of man does she like, and are you her type?

Does the couple own any pets?

Did he have a previous relationship?

Where do you two reside?

Do the two of you spend a lot of time together?

How do the two of you feel about nudity?

Are the two of you good at solving each other's problems?

What kinds of personalities do your children have?

What is her best quality?

What is his worst quality?

Has there been any cheating in the relationship?

Do you two go out a lot together?

What type of reputation does he have?

How would you rate her beauty?

Is she the jealous type?

In who does she confide?

Is he the patient type?

Has he popped "the question" yet?

How loyal is she to you?

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Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to live in ancient biblical times? Technological advancements aside, not much has changed on the human side of things. Relationships are still what they once were...difficult. Mary and Joseph probably bickered about how the money should be spent, and Samson was probably just as jealous of other men around Delilah as most people are about their mates. 

Things change but people don't, and this personality test proves the point. Check in and see which biblical couple you and your significant other best resemble.Does your hubby love your food, like Adam and Eve? Or is your girlfriend destined to destroy your relationship for the love of money, as Delilah did with Samson? Details about your relationship with your parents, your pets, your God, and each other are not off limits. Paint a picture of what life is like with your main squeeze and this quiz will do the rest.

Encourage your mate to participate so that you both can get really great conclusions. See if your love can withstand the Bible-honest truth!

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