Which Biblical Man Are You Most Like?
by Zoe Samuel

The Bible is made up of 66 books, and that means there is space within its pages for many kinds of men. There are heroes like David, who fought the mighty Goliath armed only with a slingshot - and then, having won the throne, spent his reign collecting an awful lot of wives and writing some really excellent Psalms. 

There are prophets who leap when they hear the call and others who think it's some kind of prank. There are priests who serve the Lord and priests who work for evil gods like Moloch and Baal. There are wise kings like Solomon, who make good choices for themselves and their kingdoms, and foolish or wicked kings like Ahab, who let foul idolatry into their country and then act all surprised when it incurs God's wrath.

All in all, the Bible contains just north of 3,200 characters - and most of them are gents. That means whatever sort of person you are, there's probably a Biblical man that matches you. Still, you can't possibly remember all of them (and neither can we!) so we'll focus on some of the most distinctive, exciting, and relatable. Which Biblical gent is your doppelganger? Let's find out!

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