Quiz: Which Bonanza Character Are You?
Which Bonanza Character Are You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

Is your family as big as Ben Cartwright's? You might not have enough children to farm your own thousand-acre ranch, but we're betting you have more in common with a character from "Bonanza" that you realize. Imagine yourself homesteading on the Nevada frontier back in the 1800s. Although things have obviously changed, many things remain the same. Family values are highly featured in "Bonanza," and those are the kind of things that are timeless!

Throughout this "Bonanza" quiz, we'll ask you about yourself. We'll also ask you to picture yourself on a ranch. Whether you prefer going on a cattle roundup or hanging out in the family kitchen, you are sure to be like one of the West's most lovable television men. If you're a little gullible, you might be more like Hoss. Then again, if you're into gambling, you might be more like Little Joe. Your responses to our "Bonanza" questions will help us figure out which one you are!

Spanning the '60s and '70s, "Bonanza" boasted a long-running legacy. You can become part of the Cartwright legacy by placing yourself in one of their boots. How big those boots are will be revealed at the end. Then, you'll know which Bonanza character your personality is most like!

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