Which Brand of Motorcycle Should You Own?

Mark Lichtenstein

How afraid of doing maintenance are you?

How old school are you?

How exclusive do you like things?

How high-tech do you like things?

Do you fantasize about riding across the Sahara?

Do you fantasize about a cross-country motorcycle trip like in Easy Rider?

Do you think it'd be cool to take a long ride through the twisting back roads of the Adirondacks?

Do you just want to turn up at the trendiest restaurant in town on the back of a bike?

How do you navigate?

Do you like working on your bike on weekends?

Would you chop your bike?

How important is it that your bike look showroom new?

Do you plan on doing any tricks on your bike?

What do you think of legendary motorcycle builder Indian Larry?

Which motorcyclist do you want to be like?

What's your approach to settings?

Do you look forward to getting your bike filthy?

Do you look forward to long rides?

Do you plan to ride alone or with a passenger?

Would you consider a sidecar?

Would you join a club?

Do you currently have a car?

Would you like to buy a new bike or a used one?

What car do you currently drive?

In what country would you like to take your bike for a ride?

Who would you take with you as a passenger?

Would you put any decals on your bike?

Would you get a custom paint job?

If you had to chop your bike, what would you change?

How often will you ride your bike?

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About This Quiz

Whether you are a long time motorcycle owner or you are just thinking about jumping on the two-wheeled game, this is the quiz for you! By taking a look at your driving habits, your motorcycle knowledge, and a little of your personality, we'll be able to pair you with the motorcycle you should really own. Will it be that Harley you've been dreaming of, or will it be an old school Indian? 

Finding out what motorcycle you should really own is not a task to be taken lightly. If you are going to cruise down the open road without a seatbelt or a cage, you need to be on the bike meant for you to ride! There's nothing like the freedom of the open road, but you should make the most of it by being on a motorcycle that was seemingly built for you. Once we are sure we know your level of road knowledge, we'll match you with the bike you should park in your garage. 

Don't forget to wear your helmet as you cruise through this quiz, as we might pop a few wheelies for fun! But by the time we're done, you'll know what motorcycle you should be riding!

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