Which Breed Does Your Dog Really Think They Are?

Teresa M.

What does your dog do when the mailman arrives?

How large is your dog?

Which trick does your dog do best?

How would you describe your dog's temperament?

Do you ever dress your dog up in little sweaters?

How protective is your dog?

What does your dog do when you throw a stick?

What trick would you like to teach your dog?

Which treat does your dog like best?

If your dog could call you at work, what would it say?

Which cartoon dog is your dog most like?

Is there anyone your dog does not like?

Where did you get your dog?

What do you think your dog does while you are out?

How stubborn is your dog?

If your dog was a mascot for something, what would it be?

Does your dog ever get angry with you?

How long have you had your dog?

What would your dog love to chase?

How does your dog behave when you are eating?

If a movie were made about your dog, what would it be called?

Do you and your dog have similar personalities?

Which word do you think your dog would use to describe you?

Would you like to take your dog to work with you?

If your dog were human, what occupation would it have?

Where is your favorite place to take your dog?

Do you think your dog is happy?

What kind of hat would best suit your dog?

What is your dog's least favorite thing to do?

Is your dog your best friend?

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About This Quiz

From the largest breed to the smallest one, every dog has a personality bigger than their bark! Let's find out if your dog's inner breed matches their actual breed!

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