Quiz: What Kind of Horse Are You?
What Kind of Horse Are You?
By: Ashley Duncan
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Horses and humans have been working together for many thousands of years, since before the Bible was written. Humans brought horses with them across the world, changing whole civilizations. We have used them in warfare, in art, at work, and as companions. We immortalized some of the greatest horses in history, such as Bucephalus, the beloved steed of Alexander the Great, or General Custer's mighty horse Comanche, or the first Duke of Wellington's magnificent Copenhagen. 

Stories of fictional horses from Pegasus to Black Beauty to Flicka moved millions of us - and reminded us that every horse has their own personality and their own spirit. They vary according to their experiences, and also their breeds, which help define where we put them.

As our needs became more specific, we began to breed horses that specialized in different skills, from pulling a carriage to dancing elegantly at dressage to charging into battle. Some of these breeds are rather obsolete these days, as very few wars are conducted on horseback! Even so, we still have eventers, flat-races, steeplechasers, scurry drivers, carriage drivers, and more. From the mighty shire horse to the ballsy little Shetland pony to the almost impossibly beautiful palomino, every horse breed has its own quirks and characteristics. Tell us a little about you, and we'll tell you which one is best matched to you!

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