Quiz: Which Bridesmaids character are you?
Which Bridesmaids character are you?
By: Bri O.
Image: The Movie DB

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Whenever a woman gets married, that means she's already found a great guy who loves her and wants to share her life. So what she really needs now are good friends. She needs them to help her plan the wedding from flowers to gown to the venue to the guest list, soothe her anxieties about the magnitude of the commitment or the idea of being the center of attention, and perhaps keep pushy relatives off her back. Most of all she needs to know that she can call them at any time and they will talk her off whatever figurative ledge she's on.

Paul Feig's breakout hit "Bridesmaids" was a movie about this crucial time in a woman's friendships. It features Kristen Wiig as Annie, a woman whose life is in a total shambles because her career has gone down the tubes, her love life is dead on arrival, and she has to move back in with her family. She has to put on a brave face to join in the celebrations as her best friend makes the great step into married life. 

Of course, it doesn't go that smoothly, as Annie gets tangled up in the clashing personalities of her fellow bridesmaids. Crazy shenanigans ensue, and Annie comes perilously close to losing her closest friend. However, friendship wins the day, even if the ragtag gang of bridesmaids doesn't start out as the most likely team. Let's find out how you would fit into this crazy crew!

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