Which Card Against Humanity Are You?

Artimis Charvet

Why can't I sleep at night?

How do you tackle difficult tasks?

How do you want to die?

What's the most jolly?

What's the worst thing about TSA?

What can you not have just one of?

What's the smell?

What will always get you beat up?

What gives you the goosebumps?

You have 99 problems, but one of them is not what?

What's your secret power?

What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?

What gets better with time?

What are you giving up for lent?

What do you do when you walk into a party?

What's the next Happy Meal toy?

How do you get your curves into shape?

How do you like your makeup?

Which of the seven dwarfs do you most relate to?

What ended your last relationship?

Who shall inherit the earth?

What / Who do you believe in?

What is your ideal afternoon?

How do you prepare for battle?

What is Batman's guilty pleasure?

Who/What do you turn to when you have a problem?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

What are your thoughts on therapy?

What's for dinner?

What does the world end with?

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Image: Francesco Carta fotografo / Moment / GettyImages

About This Quiz

As they like to say "Cards against Humanity is a game for horrible people." But we all know that all this game is, is horribly hilarious! Take our quiz and find out which card best describes you!

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