Which "Casablanca" Character Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

If you saw a wallet sitting unattended in the street, what would you do?

If you were faced with an authority figure who wanted you to do something you know is wrong, what would you do?

Would you risk your neck for the greater good?

Would you sacrifice your life for the greater good?

Would you sacrifice your happiness for the greater good?

Would you sacrifice your heart for the greater good?

Are you capable of running a business?

Are you able to supervise employees?

Would you run an ethical shop?

If you ran a charity, would it be out of a sense of charity?

Are you a good negotiator?

How sentimental are you?

Are you passive-aggressive?

Do you know your way around the less savory parts of town?

Do you respond well to the presence of a romantic rival?

Are you master of all you survey?

Do people try hard to curry your favor?

How good looking are you?

Are you loved?

Do you love anyone more than yourself?

How much do you stand out in your environment?

Do you have a rival?

How is your relationship with the Nazis?

Do you fly the flag for any nation?

Are your people suffering?

Do you plan on taking up arms in this war?

What was the lowest point in your life?

If you were alive today, where would you live?

If you were alive today, what would you view as a threat as big as the Nazis?

What other movie character do you relate to?

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Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

"Casablanca" is a classic of western cinema. Historically, it tells the story of a geopolitical crossroads during World War 2. Dramatically, it is a story about lost loves and what could have been. Which "Casablanca" character are you?

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