Which Celebrity Would Fall in Love With You at First Sight?

Alex Wittman

Which of the following most closely resembles your ideal first date?

What do other people usually say is your best personality trait?

If you were going to pack up and move, which of the following places would you most want to live?

Check yourself out in the mirror. What's your best physical feature?

When you get home from the office on Friday, what do you usually change into?

Once you're in a relationship, how do you like to spend Saturday nights with your significant other?

What kind of content do usually post on your Instagram?

You're getting ready for you big date. What type of music do you have blasting?

Which of the following movies could you definitely watch again?

What go-to accessory always makes you feel sexy when you wear it?

Which actress do you relate to the most?

In a relationship, which of the following is the most important?

Which of the following colors do you think you look best in?

To mix things up, what hobby would you consider taking up with your significant other?

You and your sweetie decide to take a vacation. Which of the following places would you like to jet off to?

If you had to describe your personal style, which of the following would you choose?

Which of the following do you think is the most romantic food to share with someone special?

How do you like to spend Saturday morning with your significant other?

Which of the following words are your friends most likely to use when they're describing you to someone they want to set you up with?

What does your hair look like?

Of the four seasons, which one do you feel most alive in?

Which of the following is your favorite TV show?

Be one with nature. What is your favorite environmental sound?

Which of the following chores do you always ask your significant other do?

Your honey picked you up a surprise they know you'll love. What is it?

Which of the following would you never consider leaving the house without?

True love isn't always true. Which fictional couple do you appreciate the most?

What's one thing you'll always do for your partner?

If you were a candy sweetheart, what would you say?

In your opinion, which of the following is the most important quality in a good relationship?

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About This Quiz

With its designer clothes, multi-million-dollar mansions and super-hot hotties everywhere you look, Hollywood may seem like a superficial place. But that doesn't mean true love doesn't still exist! In fact, your Prince Charming could be there waiting for you. Maybe he's wearing Giorgio Armani at the Oscars. Perhaps he's doing a cover shoot with Vogue. Oh, we know: He's starring in the next big movie that will take the world by storm! Those glamorous activities may make him sound busy, but he's really just biding time until he meets you. So, what are you waiting for? Don't you want to know which male celebrity would fall in love with you at first sight?

Maybe you're thinking, A celebrity? Fall in love with me? No way. Oh, honey, your modesty is adorable. You're beautiful. You're intelligent. You've got a heart of gold! How could any man resist you, even if he is a celebrity? Now, your paths may never cross ... Okay, your paths will most likely never cross (but, if they do, remember us when you're rich and famous). However, crazier things have happened. Your life could be the great romance movie we've all been waiting for! So, if it does happen that you rub shoulders with a room full of celebrities, don't you want to know which one would fall in love with you at first sight? Take our quiz to reveal the answer!

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