Which Century Does Your Style Truly Belong In?

Jennifer Post

Do you prefer to wear clothes that hug your figure?

What style of the past do you admire the most?

Where do you see your style going in the next five years?

Do people compliment you on your style?

Would you like to know what your ancestors wore when they were your age?

How do you normally dress up for Halloween?

How long should it take someone to get dressed, in your opinion?

Are you a free spirit or a little bit more uptight and reserved?

If you're gifted a shirt that you don't like, how do you react?

Do you use technology to find style inspiration?

What accessories do you wear on a regular basis?

Out of the below, which clothing item do you wear the most frequently?

Which season has your favorite style of clothing?

Where would you live based on the clothing of the area?

How do you like to make a strong first impression?

Is your closet or dresser organized a certain way?

Do you enjoy shopping, or do you consider it a burden?

What do you want to jazz up about your current style?

Are you drawn to a certain color of clothing or are you down for any color?

When you have a day off, what are you wearing?

Where do you go for some fresh air when you've been cooped up inside all day?

Do you drink coffee or tea when you get up in the morning?

You're going out for a fancy meal with your family. What special item are you adding to your outfit?

Can you wear your favorite styles to work?

How many pairs of sunglasses do you have?

Do you think that the way you dress says anything about how much money you have?

Do you care about what others are wearing as a form of influence on your own style?

Where do you get most of your clothes?

Did you pick out your own clothes when you were a child?

Would you rather own diamonds or property?

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About This Quiz

Like anything else that causes things to change, time is the easiest to categorize for humans. We have written works, spoken words, paintings, photographs, etc. and all of those lend insight into what styles were like at any given time. Even if there aren't any of those things, artifacts are being found constantly that shed light on what our ancient ancestors were wearing. The best thing about that? You can look at those fashions and different items and find inspiration for current styles, or finally figure out where your style comes from.

The Viking women, for example, used to wear a neck ornament of sorts that would hang over their chest and be bejeweled and have ornate style. Was this an original version of what we know as a necklace? It's fun to think about how all of these styles over the years have either died off completely or have morphed into styles that we still have today. 

While many choose to dress up as flappers for Halloween, that was actually how people dressed back in the 1920s. When you see people hosting 'throwback' parties, they are just time traveling back to a time when teens actually wore those clothes. So which century does your style belong in? Take this quiz, and we'll tell you!

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