Which Century Does Your Soul Truly Belong In?

Marie Hullett

This life is OK, but what do you think you would have been in a past one?

Now, let's fast-forward a bit. What do you want to be remembered for in this life?

Be honest: How attached are you to your phone?

Pretend there's a serious power outage in your area. Do you think you can live without electricity and internet for a week?

It's not even your birthday, but you just received a gift! What do you hope it is?

Like it or not, it's time to read some literature. Which book will you choose?

Now that you've read a book, it's time to find something to watch. Which show do you want to curl up with?

Dealing with conflict can be tricky. How do you manage disagreements with others?

Whether you're a gallery fanatic or can't remember anything from art history, which of these artists do you like best?

In a relatively short period of time, technological advances completely transformed the world. What do you think of modern-day technology?

You have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea with one of these notable figures, past or present. Who will it be?

Time to pack up and move! What does your new dream home look like?

You're going to need to travel to move to your new place. Which mode of transport would you like to use?

Ah, your new home is just as lovely as you imagined. What do you see when you gaze out your bedroom window?

Sorry to bother you when you're still settling in, but do you happen to have any pets with you in your new home?

A move can be exciting, but everyone reacts to new circumstances differently. In general, how do you respond to change?

Now that you've unpacked everything, it's time to decorate! What style are you going for?

Looks like this place needs a paint job. How would you like to redo your bedroom walls?

Time to enjoy a nice dinner at your new place. What will you have?

You can't possibly skip dessert. What would you like?

Friends and family often tell it like it is. Which one of these phrases are you most likely to be called by those who know you best?

Some people attend church every Sunday; others have never read a religious text. Would you consider yourself a religious person?

Staying healthy is a priority for most people. Do you take many medications?

Be honest: Are you afraid of the dark?

Which of these inventions do you appreciate the most?

Time to contact your good friend. What is your preferred method of communication?

Imagine you have to quit your job and are starting from scratch. Which one of these careers sounds ideal?

It's time to play dress up! What will you wear?

You're going through your grandmother's belongings. Which of these vintage items would you treasure?

What's your outlook on life right now?

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About This Quiz

It's easy to romanticize the past — what, with horse-drawn carriages instead of crowded buses, and handwritten telegrams instead of unread text messages. Imagine: you could awake to the warmth of the sun and drift off to moonlight, with no city noise or light pollution to disturb you. You could work on the farm and make a decent living, or perhaps be a wealthy aristocrat perched up high in your palace. Either way, you and your loved ones would have it made. 

While some people love the idea of living simply, others recoil at the idea of living without internet and iPhones. Understandably, life would be a lot different without conveniences like phones, computers or even vacuums. Who wants to spend each day foraging the land and tending to the home, when you can pick up some food at the store and press the button on your dishwasher? 

Whether you're a forward-thinker or dreamer of the past, only this quiz knows where your soul truly belongs. When you answer the following questions, you can find out in which century you would thrive. Are you a Medieval maiden or more of a futuristic fellow? Only time will tell... 

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