Quiz: Which Character From Archer Are You?
Which Character From Archer Are You?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

"Archer" is an American adult animated sitcom which has been airing on FX from 2009, and FXX as of 2017. The show was created by Adam Reed shortly after one of his comedy shows, called "Frisky Dingo," was canceled on Adult Swim. The show which is now in its 8th season has won Primetime Emmy Awards, Critics Choice Awards and 15 Annie Awards since its first episode.

Unlike many other cartoon series, "Archer's" visual style has a mid-century modern comic book flair to it, as well as incorporating many cultural references that date back to that time. 

The series which is inspired by many spy and crime films, one of which is the James Bond films, follows a dysfunctional group of secret agents who work for a New York intelligence agency called, the International Secret Intelligence Service, better known as ISIS. 

Which of the secret agents will you be? Will you be Sterling Archer, the egotistical lead character Sterling Archer? Will you be the irresistible and short-tempered Lana Kane? will you be the intelligent but distressed Cyril Figgis, or are you the loose-lipped human resource manager, Pam Poovey? The only way to find out which one of these characters you are most like, is to take this quiz.

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