Which Character From "The Breakfast Club" Would Be Your Bestie?

Tori Highley

When you go for coffee, what do you get for your best friend?

What is the most unusual but useful thing in your pockets or purse?

What would you eat for lunch?

What is your favorite accessory?

What was your dream car as a teenager?

What did you do the most with your high school friends?

Where do you most like to hang out with your friends now?

Which is your favorite gift to give that symbolizes friendship?

Which party are you most likely to throw?

What is your favorite takeout when you are chilling with your best friend?

If your best friend tells you they are engaged, what is your first thought?

Which television duo reminds you most of you and your BFF?

Which holiday is your favorite to celebrate?

What was your worst fight with your best friend?

How do you beat the heat with your friends in the summer?

What is your favorite dish to bring to a potluck?

Which was your greatest high school fear?

Where did you like to spend your lunch hour on campus?

Which reading material do you share with your best friend?

What is your favorite to binge watch on the weekend?

How do you like to spend your alone time?

Where did you do your mandatory volunteer hours as a teenager?

How do you say hello to your best friend?

If your best friend is sick, what do you do?

What is your relationship with your parents like?

Do you keep anything on hand at your house for your best friend?

Have you ever accidentally worn the same outfit as your best friend?

Is your best friend treated like family at your house?

What could you write about your best friend if asked?

What is your favorite dessert to get with your BFF?

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About This Quiz

"The Breakfast Club" was a great movie for everyone on the cusp of adulthood. Take this quiz to find out which character would be your best friend in high school and beyond!

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