Which Chew Toy Is Right for Your Dog?

Ian Fortey

Are you the kind of person who'd rather cozy up with a cuddly, lazy lap dog or go running with a working dog?

Is "work hard, play harder" a philosophy you can get behind?

Some dogs love socializing at the dog park. Does your dog?

Some dogs are working dogs and just love to get things done. How's your work ethic?

"Big dog" is a synonym for someone important. Are you a big dog?

Most people hate dogs getting hair on the furniture. Does your dog shed a lot?

They say you should let sleeping dogs lie. But do you ever want to cuddle puppies forever?

Is your bark worse than your bite?

They say there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Do you believe that?

Dogs seem to love surprises. How about you?

If someone gets all up in your face, will you run off with your tail between your legs or bite back?

When you're met with a risky choice are you the kind of person who's willing to gamble on the outcome?

Some dogs get all twitchy and noisy in their sleep. Do you often have nightmares?

Do you watch what you eat for the sake of your health or do you just consume whatever you feel like?

When you enter a room, do you want everyone to notice you right away?

One of the reasons people love dogs is that they offer unconditional love. Do you believe that there can be unconditional love between people?

Dogs make new friends all the time. How about you?

Do you speak up when you have a good idea or do you hold off out of embarrassment and anxiety?

Are you a giving kind of person?

Do you have any issues with your temper?

Are you the jealous type?

Have you accomplished any of your major goals in life?

Do you feel like you have a good sense of humor?

Pets are pretty good at alleviating stress. How else do you handle stress?

No one likes being rejected. How do you deal with it?

Are you able to resist a mystery or do you need to solve it?

What dominates your decision-making process more, your heart or your mind?

Dogs sometimes chase their own tails. How much time do you give to a task before you're willing to give up?

When it comes to eating, are you willing to try something totally new and weird?

Traditionally, a dog is man's best friend. How tight are you with your best friend?

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About This Quiz

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that's truly the history of the chew toy. If you've observed wolves just having fun or wild dogs in their natural habitat, these creatures like to chew. Sometimes it'll be sticks, sometimes bones, sometimes the hapless carcass of their prey. Our domesticated friends never lost that instinct. Dogs need to chew; it's just what they do. And they'll chew on your furniture and your pillows and your shoes if they don't have the right outlet. Enter the chew toy!

From humble beginnings with sticks and ropes and rawhide to the remarkably advanced and quirky squeaky toys you can find at pet stores today, there's a massive industry of these things. Dogs need to work out that nervous energy, to alleviate stress and anxiety and to just do something, because they're not able to run free through the woods like their ancestors used to. They get that urge, and they need to work it out. If you want to save yourself the aggravation of the dog chewing on things you want to keep, you need to choose the chew for you. But which one will it be? Take the quiz and find out!

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