Which Classic Actress’ Haircut Should You Rock?

Emily Maggrett

Do you like reading beauty and fashion magazines, like Vogue and Allure?

What kind of job do you have?

In your opinion, what's the most romantic classic movie of all time?

Do you have a long neck?

Are you a Yankee, a Southerner, a Californian or ... ?

How would you describe your eyes?

When you want to be seductive, how do you dress?

Do you enjoy outdoor activities?

If you had to pick a word to describe your cheekbones, what would it be?

What do you want your haircut to do for you?

How would you describe your hair's texture?

Who's your biggest female role model?

Does it bother you to be the center of attention?

What's your natural hair color? Do you like it?

Can you rock bangs with ease, or are they really bad on you?

How would you describe your nose?

What's the worst hair mistake you've ever made?

Are you a flirt?

Would you prefer that people think you're older than you really are or younger than you really are?

Are you proud of your ears?

Can you pull off blonde hair?

When people compliment you, what do they say?

Do you want hair that's easy to maintain, or will you do anything for good style?

In your opinion, what's the ideal hair length for you?

Do you have freckles?

If you could time-travel back to any era, which one would you visit?

Do you have delicate features?

What's your partner's personal style like?

Does your hair accept bleach or dye easily?

What do you want people to say when they see you?

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Image: RetroAtelier/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Classic actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood and Sophia Loren had one major thing in common⁠ — great hair. Can you borrow some of their glamour by adapting one of their hairstyles for yourself? If you want to know which classic glamorous movie star haircut is right for you, take this quiz!

We're going to help you figure out how to maximize your looks by asking you all about your face shape, hair color, hair texture and more. We also want to know about your personal style, fashion goals and past hair mistakes. Because great hair isn't about what works for someone else — it's about making choices that are right for you. That means choosing a cut that highlights your good features, downplays your bad features and doesn't cause you too much angst in the morning!

You deserve a hairstyle that makes other people see the Audrey Hepburn (or Mia Farrow) in you. Forget what Miley and Kendall are doing and get a haircut that's correct for your beauty type. If you're a vintage beauty living in the 2010s, the latest haircuts aren't necessarily going to do anything for you. So, are you ready to get inspired by the past? Stop scrolling through Instagram and let's get quizzing!

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