Quiz: Which Classic Hollywood Actor Is Your Soulmate?
Which Classic Hollywood Actor Is Your Soulmate?
By: Steve Miller
Image: Selznick International Pictures

About This Quiz

When it comes to soulmates, you have every reason to be choosy! In this case, you should aim for the stars! We're not talking about those sparkly things in the nighttime sky; we're talking about one of the classic Hollywood actors that graced red carpets and opened the doors wide open for the actors in our modern world. Could it be the charming and handsome Clark Cable, or would you soulmate be more daring an edgy like James Dean? 

By sharing your views on relationships, your personality, and the movies you love with us, we'll be able to pair you with the classic Hollywood actor that would be the best soulmate for you. You might not think you have a lot in common with actors from eras gone by, but we think you'll be surprised to know that you are perfectly suited to have a star-studded soulmate! As you go through the quiz, answer with the response truest to yourself. The things that are important to you will go a long way towards finding your debonair match!

Pour yourself an Old Fashioned, and think of all the exciting moments you've experienced in your life. After we get a good sense of your tastes, we will share your classic Hollywood soulmate with you! Find out whose arm you'll be draped on when you step out of the limo! 

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