Quiz: Which Classic Leading Lady are You?
Which Classic Leading Lady are You?
By: Jody Mabry
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Which classic Hollywood actress embodies your style? Parts of you might be as adorable as Audrey Hepburn or as elegant as Liz Taylor, but knowing which ravishing beauty you are truly the most like will be a treat! Picture yourself walking down the red carpet on the arm of your leading man as you take this quiz. Getting into character will help you fly right through it! 

Classic Hollywood actresses were not only beauty icons, they were also groundbreaking and fearless. They never failed to portray a character flawlessly, while at the same time putting their own personalities into the character. Whether it was a musical or a heartbreaking love story, classic Hollywood actresses delivered jaw-dropping performances that remain popular to this day. In order to find out which one you are most like, tell us about your style, your grace and your tough streak. 

Think about the movie of your life as you go through the questions. Which classic Hollywood actress would most accurately portray your temperament? Would you be more of a Greta Garbo than a Jane Fonda? Let's put your attitudes and your beliefs to the test! Then we'll be able to tell you which classic actress you are the very picture of! 

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